And so it begins….

I woke up at 2 a.m. with odd feelings, went to the loo and got back into bed and though hmm… nope this couldn’t be ‘it’ I got up and down for about 30 mins trying to work out what was happening. I eventually went into Pete (who was still awake) ‘erm I don’t think this is it but it feels a bit weird, maybe we should time these weird feelings and see if they are coming and going’

I REALLY didn’t think or believe it was actually contractions I was feeling…

But we started timing them, and sure enough they were coming every 10 minutes (ALREADY!)

I got in and out of the bath, we phoned the hospital who said take a coupe of paracetamol (hahahah!) and wait at home as it will be ages before anything happens.

But the pain quickly got a lot worse and I rang again and said we were coming in – so a taxi was rung and off we went…

We had the usual checks at the hospital in a very small room where I was trying my best to still be in control and polite but whilst getting the contractions I was being less polite and ‘nice’ I explained I wanted to use the ‘home from home’ suite and was told yes hopefully…but after lots of prodding, checking and beeping (and initially being told we would probably have to go home again) the news was broken that my blood pressure was sky high, I had protein in my urine and had preeclampsia.

This meant no water birth and home from home room for me, but into a delivery room. The midwife explained I had ages to go but I need to be monitored and the baby needed to be monitored. We tried a birthing ball but the stomach belts just kept falling off. I had gas and air which in no way takes away the pain, but you get a break from realising it is there for a few seconds at least.

I was offered ‘Remi‘ (can’t remember the proper name but it is only offered in a few hospitals a bit like pethidine) and accepted it (natural birth – yeah right I didn’t know it was going to be THIS sore ;op)

The midwife then came back and said actually the remi can only be used every 10 mins or so (you press a buzzer yourself to administer it) and my contractions were coming faster than that – so she suggested an epidural.

Again I said yes whatever they recommended, as I was hardly dilated but had contractions coming every 5 mins or less.

By this time I was put onto the bed and that is where I stayed for a VERY long time…

The rest is a bit blury, I remember bits of it but can’t believe we were in that room for about 17 hours until the actual birth.

The epidural was fantastic, I could feel a slight twinge but that was it.

The scary bits….the baby’s heart rate spent the next 17 hours going up and right down, I was made to lie on my side and back and had to keep changing. They took my temp which was high and put me on an anti biotic drip. So I had 2 belts around by bump checking the contractions and the babys heartbeat, the epidural needle in my back, a bleeper on my finger, the IV on one arm with the antibiotics and a blood pressure cuff on the other arms checking my BP every few minutes automatically. So yes so much for the natural birth!!!

The midwife with us was great, very calm and explained everything and answered every question. They put me on another drip to speed up the contractions after a while as it was taking ages to get me to dilate further. After an examination they realised that the babys head wasn’t coming down by the top of the head first but rather the ear and was stuck.

I then had what was the most upsetting and painful thing I have experienced. A doctor turned the babys head internally, even with the epidural and gas and air it was excruciating. I have no idea how long it took but it seemed like a good 5 minutes, maybe it was more or less.

After this I progressed and was told I would be able to start pushing, this was around 9.30 p.m so I had been in labour for 19 1/2 hours and in that room for about 16 hours.

I pushed as best as I could without really being able to feel anything, I tried my best for 45 mins until it was decided I was very close but assistance was needed and we agreed to a ventouse cap. This bit was all O.K. Once it was on and I was told to push again…and then…

You have the maddest pain ever and PLONK

A baby is put onto you… I looked at this baby thing and was  stunned. I was asked ‘what is it’ and think I said ‘a baby’

But it was a big baby boy weighing 8lbs 9oz born at 10.26 p.m. on 6/1/08 and after being checked over was all good (except having a bit of a temp, more on that in a moment)


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