The big scare

Yesterday Ben woke up fine, I thought he had a bit of a cold maybe, I decided to stay in. Took his temp at 12ish and it was 38.4, phoned the GP who was closed receptionist said phone at 3pm, I phoned my Health Visitor and she phoned GP and get me an appointment at 3.30pm.

I thought Ben was OK, he was awake, took a feed, a bit grizzly but not that bad.I took him to GP at 3.30pm and his temp then was 39, and GP noticed that his skin was mottled looking. It had been very slightly like that on his legs earlier but I thought it was due to only having him in a vest and his legs were a bit cold.

GP said he wanted 2nd opinion and to take him to the hospital. We did this and when we arrived very quickly there were about 7 doctors and nurses working on him, getting blood, giving oxygen etc. It was very very scary and shocking. I tried to be brave but ended up in tears. The staff were fantastic though.

He had an IV put into his head, listening and seeing them working on him was dreadful, I had to leave at one point when they were trying to get blood as his screams were ripping my heart apart. They got him calmed and then started mentioning that he must have an infection and said about septicemia and meningitis. Of course hearing those worlds made me want to be sick, but they explained it was unlikely but the mottled skin was very worrying.

We were taken up to the ward and had a difficult few hours as Ben was so tired but obviously so fed up that he wouldn’t sleep or eat and just screamed unless one of us was rocking him – this went on for hours. We managed to get him to chill out by 1am and then he slept through till about 6am. I stayed with him.

Thankfully the next morning he looked loads better, the doctor has cancelled the lumber puncture as she feels it isn’t needed. They still don’t know what infection he has and are treating him with 5 days IV antibiotics.

Of course I have been beating myself up about should I have spotted stuff sooner, but one thing is that I only bought the digital in ear thermometer 3 days before and now I have never been so thankful to have spent £30.


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