11 Weeks update

Ben is 11 weeks old, I can’t believe the time has gone so quickly and also how clueless I was in the first few weeks!! (Althoguh I still have those clueless moments just less often)


Ben had a great sleep the other night from 6:30pm – 5:30am but hasn’t repeated it again. But I think it is to do with the combination of day time sleeps and milk taken during the day. We are not in a day time routine just a nighttime one. Depending on when last feed and sleep was he has a bath and bottle then bed for between 6:30pm-8pm. It is ususally around 7pm though.


During the day if we are home he sleeps for a good 2-3 hour stretch but only if swaddled and I have found this big sleep can move around timewise. I think he is sleeping too much during the day though but it is hard to keep them awake!!


Most nights he goes down at 7ish ususally awake and then goes to sleep with no fuss and sleeps till 2amish, has a bottle then back down till somewhere around 5.30am- 7am. He is still in our room in a glider crib, but I think I might get his proper cot built soon as he is getting huge and his arms are constantly hanging out the sides.


I am not sure of his weight (haven’t had im weighed in a couple of weeks) but he is very long as he is too long for some of the 3-6 month babygros!!


I am getting better at understanding his cries now between I am starving/tired/bored etc. Still often get it wrong though!!


It took us quite a while to get back to normal after his hospital stay at 6weeks there, but I am just so glad he is well and the SMA Lactose Free milk settled his stomach. The hospital don’t want to see him again for 2 months whic is good, I just think they want to keep monitoring him as they still suspect he had meningitis or septicaemia.


But generally we are doing ok, had a bad night last night for no real reason, but as I said I think I need to get more milk into him during the day, but it isn’t easy if he doesn’t want it!!


He has in the last couple of weeks just understood his cot mobile and playmat. We have one of the tiny love mobiles and it is the best thing!! 15 minutes to get a bath/dressed/whatever whilst he lies and watches and laughs at it!!

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