Starting waking at 1 am.

Ben as been great with sleeping, he goes down at 7pm awake and ususaly stays asleep on a good night until between 6 & 7am and on what I would call a bad night until 4 or 5 am (although goes back to sleep after a bottle)

The last 3 nights he has been waking at 1am crying – he will take a bit of a feed but isn’t starving, so I am not sure if it is teething, hunger or too hot?

I tried to give him some nurofen earlier for his teeth and he spat whole lot out, but I didn’t want to give more in case he did swallow some – think I will go back to calpol as he seemed to like that.

I am just so confused about if he is in pain with his teeth – I know he is teething as the dribble and constant fist in the mouth are the signs but most of the time he is in great form, just sometimes he has started doing a really whinge noise.

I am not sure about the hunger thing either, he doesn’t take loads of milk during the day, but obviously enough to do the occasional 12 hour sleep at night.

Why is it when you think you ahve this being a Mummy thing all worked out that then soemthing else happens and you feel 100% lost again


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