Moving for a cot to a big boy bed

So I decided the time was right after a few things, he tried to climb out of the travel cot a couple of weeks ago, then at home he got as far as a leg over the cot.

So at 2 years and 7 months I have given in.  I ordered a Lightning McQueen duvet cover and pillow case (his current favorites)

This afternoon I went up and converted his cot to a bed and made the bed and then called him up, he was quite shocked, but ok and asked “Where is Bens little cot gone?”

I said this was his big boy bed, we both lay in it for a while and then played a game of going to Mummys ‘cot’ and both getting in adn then back to Bens.

Tonight i did our normal routine and then lay on his bed and read some stories until he was chilled.

I then got up and said night night and then put a quilt on the floor next to the bed and he asked why.  I said just for Ben to be careful as there was no side.

I have umm’d and arr’d all week as to if I should get a bed guard, but you were very limited with cot beds over the one you could get and I didn’t want to spend £20 for something that might not be used for more than a week or so.

So I left him, no covers on as he hasn’t had anything on him since it has been warm, he has his blankie, Mr PB, Sarge and a Mini cuddled up and came downstairs.  Turned the monitor right up and am now sitting her listening to him.

Oh and also no stair gate on his door as with the 2 cats I need to keep the door closed and also the position of the door means no stair gate.  He can’t open the doors as they are round turning handles.


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