Toys Recommendations

Fisher Price Garage

It is sturdy, before they are standing alone it is strong enough for them to lean on (and my nephew was often seen sitting on it) It just works. We have had it from 1 -3 years and only now replaced to go for the next recommendation

E.L.C. Big City Garage

I got this on ebay for £10, the old blue version, but the only difference seems to be the lift, it is now a wind up one instead of a pull up one.

For a child who loves their cars this is a winner.  It makes noises, the cars are pushed down the top ramp and they go around and down the next one by themselves. Been a huge hit here. and best of all the noise has an off button

E.L.C. Post Box

This was a 1st birthday present and 2 years later it is still frequently played with. It is a lovely wooden toy, with wooden letters that is also lovely to have around the house.

Orchard Toys Who’s On The Farm? Puzzle

This was a 2nd birthday present and still comes out and gets played with, it is a good size and chunky enough without being a baby toy.

ELC First Pushchair

This was bought before he could walk unaided, and it is still used today age 3.  Either to drive cars around the house or on a visit to ASDA to annoy the other customers who look on in horror as he bashes it into them. (Accidently…of course *ahem*)


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