Baggie Aggie Too – Wrist Keyring Review

I recently clicked on a link on Folksy for an iPad cover (I haven’t got an iPad but I’m at that stage of picking out covers in case I win the lottery and need to buy one) and saw a photo of a wrist keyring, I clicked through and found the best idea.

I got distracted and closed the page but a few days later when I had a bit more time I searched on Folky for the keyring.

Up came the page of the wrist keyrings handmade by Baggie Aggie Too, I reaslied that I didn’t love any of the fabric (I am ridiculously fussy about colours & patterns) so I followed a link to find the maker on Twitter and sent her a @ message asking if she made them in other colours.

I got a reply asking me what colour/pattern I would like and an email address contact to let her know some more details.

I suggested a red polka dot to match my Cath Kidston purse and after a couple of replies to agree the button colour etc I was told I would get an update later to let me know when it was for sale on Folksy.

And sure enough that afternoon I was able to purchase it via Folksy, I went on and used Paypal to buy it £6.50 + £1.16 p+p

The fob arrive the next day, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a handwritten note and I am so delighted with it.  I have been using it for 3 days now and it really works.  No more struggling holding keys as the wrist strap means they stay on your wrist and you are able to use the key still.  I find when I have no pockets & a child to put into the car seat the keys end up in my mouth (grim) but no more.

The fob is perfectly sewn and would make great present as it even comes wrapped too.  And the service I received can not be beaten, pick the fabric and it was made for me and posted that day.

There are lots of other items made by Baggie Aggie Too – Click here to see other items in her Folksy Shop

I will be back to buy more key rings for family & friends as it is such a simple idea but so practical for people who are always juggling children, shopping, phones and yesterday a Peppa balloon (don’t ask!)


One response to “Baggie Aggie Too – Wrist Keyring Review

  1. Rosie March 11, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    I’m so glad you love it! Thank you so much for taking time to feature me and my products on your blog. Your kind words have made me blush, lol!
    Thanks again for your custom, and have a fabulous weekend. 🙂 x

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