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The Gallery…Mother Love

The theme for Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is Mother Love.

This is Ben at 3 weeks old being dunked in the Tummy Tub with my other 2 babies cats watching.

For those first 3 weeks after bringing him home from the hospital, bathing him put total fear into me, I then got a tummy tub and although still terrifying you will drop them, slightly easier to do.

But this photo is my family, The Ben, The Dodge, The Charger, The Mummy. And I am the person they all love most in the world.

Mother Love


Ben v’s Dodge

Ben v’s Dodge in ‘No Kitty they are my fishfingers Kitty’

It’s all happening..

Well apart from the super fast crawling Ben is now pulling himself up, saying far more sounds, able to pass toys back to me and has worked out how to put things inside each other.

He also had his first big boy dinner last night of fish fingers, mash and baked beans!

He is also walking whilst being held up…