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Parenting stuff that has worked for me

Toddler Taming by Christopher Green

I find this book my sanity if I have had a bad day with my toddler.  It reminds me I am not alone, makes me stop and think how I am handling situations.  It is the first ‘baby’ book that I have read that isn’t judgmental but just based on common sense and reality that your child will at some point have a tantrum.

I ordered it before he reached 2 and picked it up again the other day and read again on how to deal with this new wave of pre-school toddler that has taken over my the house.  I love the combination of ‘it is normal, but you can do things to make it less painful for you both’

Bibetta Large Ultra Bib

I admit it, we still use a bib at 3 for breakfast & yogurts, 99% of the time there is no spillage but the 1% that is dripped gets caught in one of these.

I love these bibs, I came to them late so been using for 18 months but they are made of wetsuit fabric so after each meal you rinse under the tap, hang up and they dry v fast. They are also machine washable (label says 30 but I do them in 40 ok)

They don’t let food/wet go through to the clothes below and they also have a catch bit at the bottom.  They are soft round the neck too., which is so much better than the hard plastic bibs that Ben only ever tried once, screamed and it was donated to someone else.

You can get ones with arms, mini ones for little babies too, ours have been washed and washed and still look great.

ASDA Little Angels Cotton Soft Baby Wipes 80

These are 98p a packet of 4 packs for £3

I always used simple or pampers baby wipes when Ben was small but a year ago I started to use these and have been totally converted.  I LOVE the packaging (irrelevant to most I know!) and the smell is fresh and not OTT.  They are thick but not too thick and nice and wet, and they have the snap down lid.

Even though we are done with nappies there are still packets of these dotted around the house for hand & face wiping, bum wiping, dusting, make up removal, cat paw (and bum) wiping, floor cleaning, the list goes on and on!