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Potty Training Part 2

Day 4
No accidents all day, bit of an issue with a poo getting stuck but got sorted in the end.  We headed to a party at 4p.m. with the pink potty.  He decided it was a great game to keep asking to do a wee/poo so we could traipse all the way to the loo with the potty.  But he did 1 whilst out.  Refused to do one before leaving but no acccidents and when got home did one no bother.

Day 5 – Nursery Day
Had a talk about when at nursery you need to tell keyworker you need a wee, I had written in his communication book where we were at with the training.  Off to nursery went a bag of the pink potty and trousers and pants. He did a wee before getting dressed no problem.

I collected him at 5 pm and he was still wearing the same trousers! No accidents and 2 stickers for doing 2 wees in the potty.  He did one when we got home.

Less of a fight to get him on the potty now, just a quick come on do a wee then we can get dinner/watch tv/whatever

Put his nappy & PJ’s on for bed and after a few minutes I could see him trying for a poo, I left him as he needed one so didnt want to make a fuss, but he called me and said poo coming, need potty so I stripped him and the poo went in the potty, much clapping and whooping from me and he was rather delighted with what he had dropped off   

So off to bed and he has learnt a great new trick of stalling for bedtime, “I need to go do a wee” very clever young man!

Day 6
When we came down this morning after a few minutes Ben told me he needed to do a wee (still had nappy pants on) so off came the nappy pants and a huge wee he did, interestingly nappy pants have been virtually dry last 2 nights  

Ben is off with my Mum all day for adventures, so it will be interesting to see how he gets on with lots going on away from home.  I’ll report back..

But I am delighted at the progress, I am feeling less stressed about it all as it has just worked for us and he is obviously happy using the potty.  I havent been giving hard rewards (sweets/choc) for a couple of days now and he hasnt asked for them either.  I meant to give him the other new car I have stashed for the 1st poo but forgot so will save it for next one