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Silent Sunday 1st May 2011


Silent Sunday


The Gallery…Mother Love

The theme for Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is Mother Love.

This is Ben at 3 weeks old being dunked in the Tummy Tub with my other 2 babies cats watching.

For those first 3 weeks after bringing him home from the hospital, bathing him put total fear into me, I then got a tummy tub and although still terrifying you will drop them, slightly easier to do.

But this photo is my family, The Ben, The Dodge, The Charger, The Mummy. And I am the person they all love most in the world.

Mother Love

Silent Sunday 27th March 2011


Silent Sunday

A trip to the vets..

I have just managed to take my 2 cats and Ben to the vets by myself – I wasn’t sure if I could manage it all but I did.

2 cats boxes and baby seat in the car, and 1 Mummy talking to all her babies like a loony

Just when I thought…

My life couldn’t get more glamerous than being coverd in baby pee and puke…I am siting here trying to cut dried poo from the cats arse… Do you really think Davina And Myleene do this kinda thing…