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Glue ear update

Well very interesting, we got there and there was a lovely doctor and her assistant.  They chatted to Ben and asked me the history, of course no notes have been passed on from Belfast

They looked in his ears and did a hearing test of the thing in his ear

They then did the distraction test and had this great puppet rabbit in a cage thing and bubbles.

Ben chatted to the lady loads and at the end she said she has no concerns over his hearing and his speech.  I said I thought his speech was ok and average amoung his peers, she said no not average he is a chatterbox . I am so delighted, she said his glue ear is clearing and she is discharging him, she was quite shocked Belfast advised in April for him to have grommets.

She has asked to see him in a year before school stuff just to double check but that is him all fine and a ‘hearing’ doctor said he was a chatterbox!!!