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SMA Lactose Free has worked!!

Well what a total difference. The diarrhea has stopped, he was pooing hourly day and night before. No poos last night

Hopefully he will be able to get back onto his normal milk in a few weeks – but I am just so happy that we found something to make him better

Lactose Intolerant?

Just been doing a bit of research on babies having constant diarrhea. It seems that after having a stomach bug babies can develop temporary lactose intolerance. This would fit in with Ben who is still pooing hourly with blood and change in colour after having a bug 10 days ago now.

Just back from the hospital and I was right, they have prescribed SMA Lactose Free for him for a few weeks to let his stomach settle.



OK not a nice topic for discussion, but …Ben has had an upset tummy for a while, firstly due to the antibiotics in hospital and then he caught a vomiting and diarrhea virus whilst in hospital Yesterday he had a tiny bit of blood in his nappy and last night the poo was green. I mentoned all this to the HV and my GP this morning and neither seemed at all concerned. He isn’t dehydrated and feeding ok. He has been filling nappies with poo hourly for the last week or so.