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The Gallery…Mother Love

The theme for Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is Mother Love.

This is Ben at 3 weeks old being dunked in the Tummy Tub with my other 2 babies cats watching.

For those first 3 weeks after bringing him home from the hospital, bathing him put total fear into me, I then got a tummy tub and although still terrifying you will drop them, slightly easier to do.

But this photo is my family, The Ben, The Dodge, The Charger, The Mummy. And I am the person they all love most in the world.

Mother Love


Biggest pre-schooler toddler annoyance…

Of course the thing that winds you up most about your child changes with their age and ability to know what gets to you.

At the moment for me it is the being totally contrary.

The yes I want it – No I don’t – Yes I do.  whatever he asks for he changes his mind 2 seconds later, it is exhausting. And believe me I don’t pander to it! But the other day i thought, O.K. lets go with it and see how ridiculous we can go, so breakfast sounded like this

Ben “Can I have circles (cheerios) please”  (O.K. he didn’t say please that is a lie to make me feel better)

I pour his cheerios

Ben “No I said stars & trees”

Me “O.K.”  *through gritted teeth* swaps cheerios for stars & trees

Ben “I didn’t want that bowl, I asked for the cat bowl”

Me “Of course” *slightly hysterical now* swaps bowls & adds milk

Ben “I don’t want breakfast”

Me *signs into the Priory* (O.K. not the Priory more like the shed)

Ahhh you have to love them …sure you aren’t allowed to eBay them!