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Music to dance to – Breakin’ Shapes

The theme this week in Mumra‘s Playlist is Breakin’ shapes.

This is a real classic for me,  many Saturday nights spent at Shine front left right by the speakers, slowly losing my hearing.

I was the girl in the Audio Bullys t-shirt when they played live ;o)

Oh NSFW or childrens ears!

Mumra Playlist


Bumblejums Book & CD Review

I was kindly sent a Bumblejums CD & Book to review a couple of weeks ago, Ben has never been a fan of music played in the car, I have tried the usual nursery rhymes but he always rejects them.  So I get to listen to my music most of the time, although I prefer nothing when him and I are chatting or ‘debating’ in the car.

The book and CD are both wonderfully colourful, and Ben spotted the CD case in the car and asked what it was.  I said “A Bumblejums music CD” with a casual “shall I put it on?”  He said “Yes please”

So as I was sticking it in the player I was waiting for the usual “I don’t like it/no music” but it came on and he was silent and there was no rejection!

What I liked (apart from the 15 mins of our journey not having to answer “but why, why, why?”) was that I didn’t wish harm on the Bumblejums from the start.  I am not great with a lot of children’s music and noise, it gets to me and I become irritated.  But this isn’t that type of children’s music.  It is inoffensive in that the voices are calm, not shouting, not ridiculously American and twee.

Maybe it is wrong that I rate child things by their lack of irritation to me but for a busy Mum it is a huge factor to me!

Ben quickly picked up on the name ‘The Bumblejums’ and asked for it several times that first week when we were in the car, each time it was a hit and there was no request for it to be taken off.

One incident which proved it really does work was the day Ben decided he didn’t want to get in the car, but I decided we had to and well, I won, so there were tears & snot (his mainly) and I started driving and put the CD on to gently soothe him (read to drown out the sobs) and very quickly he stopped crying to listen. MAJOR WIN.

The first time we listened to the CD I said there was a book too, and we took it up for bedtime reading that night.  I rate books in many ways, but an important factor for me is at 7 p.m. at night after a long day being able to read them easily, I love books that flow.  And this one does.

The book is long enough to satisfy a 3 year old but no so long that you can smell your dinner burning downstairs.

The content of the music and CD are about the Bumblejum characters that live in Ballybo.  The characters all have proper names so are easy to pick up too for parents who have long struggled with the weird and wonderful names in various children’s programmes.

I think the major proof of if a product you have been sent to review really works is that if you carry on using it after you have tested it – and both of these we have, on the request of Ben.  And we all know how strong Toddler Power is 🙂

To visit the Bumblejums Shop click here to get a 20% discount please use the code MUM11

Available on iTunes here

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My ‘I Love these tunes so very much’ Playlist

Mumra Playlist

Inspired by Mumra’s Blog here are some tunes I love – I have quite an eclectic taste