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Final Cot to Bed Installment

Well I guess this is the last post unless it all goes wrong later down the line

It has just been so easy for me and Ben, he goes down for his naps no problem, he calls me in the mornings, he has even been in bed easrly at 6.30pm the last 2 nights even after a 2 hour nap today.

I have left the fake dream roll there and it works to keep him in and the toys all with him too.

I have also given up removing his 4 cars each night they stay with him and if he spends the night with them digging in his head so be it

So my big advice is do the night time little talks about your day it really works, and is so cute too


Cot to bed part 4

Well last night was a bit of a nightmare, he was in bed at 6.30pm asleep as he was so tired, I went to bed at 8p.m as I was so past it and knackered.

He woke at 10.30pm crying, I ignored and stick pillow over my head and it stopped, guessing under 5 mins.

I woke again at 2.30a.m. after hearing a thump then crying, so went in this time and sure enough he was on the floor crying, I lifted him back up and he just said “Ben fall out of big boy bed” but was fine and went back to sleep straight away.

We then had a 4.30am waking where I found myself in his room before I relalised what was happening, he was crying as he wanted his feckin cars and Mr PB and blankie were on the floor, I gave them all to him, told him to lie down and left.

Was all quiet until 6a.m. when he was up for the day.

So before nap time today I did the tip someone had said on here, I got a medium sized towel, rolled it up and put it on the edge under the sheet – it is PERFECT! it just stays there and means he cant pop out (or hopefully cars/toys either)

So if he cries tonight I AM NOT GOING IN

Well probably not…

Cot to bed part 3

So the 3rd day was my first go at him having a nap in the big boy bed, and it was just a dream!  We went up and he got in, asked for a story and I said no, we have those tonight (mean) and asked him to have a sleep and I would see him later – and he did for 2 hours

He has been waking every night since apart from 1, ususaly around 11pm and then 5am.  I decided last night I wasn’t going to go in as soon as I heard the crying.

So last night I was asleep and heard him crying at 11pm, I ignored for under 5 mins and then went in (soft touch) and he was hanging out of the bed head first up to his shoulders!  But was fine and I just turned him round and said night and he settled.

I was having a lovely sleep and was woken by screaming at 5.15a.m. and found myself in his room before I was awake.  He was up like it was morning so I told him to lie down and then I somehow lay on the floor next to him (desperation for sleep?) and I feel asleep as I assume did he.  I woke up not knowing what the time was a creeped out of his room, it was 7am and then he called me 10 mins later.

So not sure how to deal with this waking up business, I know I am knackered from getting up!

On a more positive note he has been gonig to bed so easily, I have been doing the lying in bed next to him reading a few books with him laying down and then we chat about the day and then I say goodnight.  He hasnt got out and protested at bedtime or nap time so that is great.

Just need to break this waking in the night habit and we will be sorted!

Moving for a cot to a big boy bed

So I decided the time was right after a few things, he tried to climb out of the travel cot a couple of weeks ago, then at home he got as far as a leg over the cot.

So at 2 years and 7 months I have given in.  I ordered a Lightning McQueen duvet cover and pillow case (his current favorites)

This afternoon I went up and converted his cot to a bed and made the bed and then called him up, he was quite shocked, but ok and asked “Where is Bens little cot gone?”

I said this was his big boy bed, we both lay in it for a while and then played a game of going to Mummys ‘cot’ and both getting in adn then back to Bens.

Tonight i did our normal routine and then lay on his bed and read some stories until he was chilled.

I then got up and said night night and then put a quilt on the floor next to the bed and he asked why.  I said just for Ben to be careful as there was no side.

I have umm’d and arr’d all week as to if I should get a bed guard, but you were very limited with cot beds over the one you could get and I didn’t want to spend £20 for something that might not be used for more than a week or so.

So I left him, no covers on as he hasn’t had anything on him since it has been warm, he has his blankie, Mr PB, Sarge and a Mini cuddled up and came downstairs.  Turned the monitor right up and am now sitting her listening to him.

Oh and also no stair gate on his door as with the 2 cats I need to keep the door closed and also the position of the door means no stair gate.  He can’t open the doors as they are round turning handles.

Sleep anyone?

Well the 2 of us are walking round looking like we haven’t slept in weeks – and it feels like we haven’t. Ben is still not back doing his 7 p.m. to 6.30 a.m. We have had a couple of through to 5 a.mish.

We have started giving him his good night milk at 6 p.m. downstairs before the bath now to make sure we get lots into him. And I finally found a variflow teat that he will take.

So for the last few nights he hasn’t had a feed until 5 a.mish – so hoping to get that shifted back to 6.30 a.m.

He is still waking at least once if not more during the night just crying but usually going back to sleep easily.


Letting him cry at night

Well for the first time at 3.30 a.m. this morning I let Ben cry. I went in to check he was O.K. put him back on his back and shusshhhed him. Then went out with the background of screaming.

I gave him 10 minutes then went back in again and repeated the shusshing. Then left again…not sure how long it took to settle as I tried not to keep looking at the clock! But he did stop crying, and he had a few shouts until he woke up at 6.30 a.m.

So we will see tonight if it has made any difference!

Welcome to 5 a.m. again :o/

Had a few bad nights, Ben was sick the other night then woke at 5a.m. starving and decided that it was morning time (BIG YAWN)

Seems his body clock has reset to this time for the last 2 mornings – not fun.

Fingers crossed he makes it to at least 6 a.m. tomorrow!

Mummy Moan…

Not sure if this is common or just me

But I feel like I have hit a bit of a brick wall, I am tired, and can’t think of things to do with Ben all day. We got out every day to supermarket, rhyme time, swimming etc. When home we read books, sing songs, talk about stuff play with toys etc but I just feel like I have run out of stuff to do and say with him.

I am also feeling guilty that I want a bit of a break (10 mins even ) when in 2 weeks I will have a full time 5 days a week break when back at work. He has just started the knowing Mum has gone out the room thing and crying which is exhausting.

He sleeping is totally erratic, we had 12 1/2 hour last night, during the week awake every 2 hours, some mornings a feed at 4am. I had a great nights sleep last night but feel totally shattered today still.

I am just feeling a bit crap at being a Mum today – like everyone else is doing a fantastic job (I know I shouldn’t compare) and I am just lazy, boring and shite at itI feel a lot of pressure that Ben should be happy 24/7 and not left to winger or moan that as soon as he does I jump in front of him again to entertain him.

I worry that I am not stimulating him enough and he is being ignored if I leave him to play with a toy for a while and do stuff in the kitchen etc.

Starting waking at 1 am.

Ben as been great with sleeping, he goes down at 7pm awake and ususaly stays asleep on a good night until between 6 & 7am and on what I would call a bad night until 4 or 5 am (although goes back to sleep after a bottle)

The last 3 nights he has been waking at 1am crying – he will take a bit of a feed but isn’t starving, so I am not sure if it is teething, hunger or too hot?

I tried to give him some nurofen earlier for his teeth and he spat whole lot out, but I didn’t want to give more in case he did swallow some – think I will go back to calpol as he seemed to like that.

I am just so confused about if he is in pain with his teeth – I know he is teething as the dribble and constant fist in the mouth are the signs but most of the time he is in great form, just sometimes he has started doing a really whinge noise.

I am not sure about the hunger thing either, he doesn’t take loads of milk during the day, but obviously enough to do the occasional 12 hour sleep at night.

Why is it when you think you ahve this being a Mummy thing all worked out that then soemthing else happens and you feel 100% lost again

4 month growth spurt

In the last week Ben has started a love affair with his bottle and milk. He spent the previous 2 months fussing a lot over feeds and even though he was growing well I was never sure he was getting/taking enough.

Now he has decided to want fed non stop! Today he has just wanted 6 or 7oz every 2 hours. I am guessing this is a growth spurt?

He is sleeping through still (only really started this a couple of weeks ago) from 7pm – 6am.