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Waking very early

Ben goes to bed between 6.30pm and 8pm depending on what we have done that day and when he last fed & slept. He goes down after bath and bottle and then sleeps till around 2am without waking.

He gets fed at 2am, sometimes only a couple of oz’s sometimes a full feed – whatever he wants. After that feed he ususally goes straight back down and to sleep. Now the problem is he then wakes again anytime between 4am and 6am. Sometimes he wants more food but isn’t starving as only ever taking a couple of ounces.

I have tried to let him resettle and often he isn’t crying just awake chatting to himself, but then it goes into crying if he is ignored. Obviously if he was waking at this time just for a feed no bother but I really think he only takes the milk as it is offered. He doesn’t seem to want to go back to sleep and thinks that 4am is morning time

I try the dummy, rocking the crib, shussing and feeding him but often this only means a 5 minute snooze by him and then awake again. It is making me shattered as my days are starting way too early!! I have been trying to keep him in the crib until 7am even if he stays awake.

I know I am very lucky with him going to bed so well that is this just the other end of that?!  Baby sleeping karma