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Well after my slight panic at Ben dropping to under the 50th centile and taking less and less milk I spoke to my HV today who advised to start trying him with spoon feeding.

I said he didn’t seem to like the baby rice and she said I am not surprised it tastes horrible

So she said just try the first fruit and veg.

So off I went to the supermarket today and bought a load of stuff, then to argos to buy a 3 tier steamer.

So I am about to go start peeling and chopping and we will see how I go tomorrow.I have decided I am not going to stress over this ( me – stress??? ) and just try him with stuff and see what happens. I have plenty of time before the 6 months to get it right


First food…

I just had a sod it moment and made Ben some baby rice, he doesn’t seem that keen…screwed his nose up at the taste of it!