Innocent Orange & Apple Juice Review

Innocent Juice Review

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I was recently sent 3 vouchers to try the new range of Innocent Fruit Juices, they are available in Apple, Orange with bits and Orange without bits.

My local Asda didn’t stock it, but that isn’t unusual for higher brand items (they don’t sell maple syrup!?!) but I was able to pick up all 3 varieties at Waitrose.

First this I noticed was the lovely shaped bottles, and yes I am a marketers dream for such things (see here) but they are pretty and the added bonus is that you can see what the juice looks like inside.  Another thing that I love is that you just unscrew the lid and drink, no plastic bit to fight with, no little plastic bit that never seems to find its way to the bin. The other bonus is it pours out without spills and drips.

The orange varieties 900 ml bottles contain 11 squeezed oranges, unlike so many juices that contain a vague trace of orange, like one was grown near the carton, 20 years ago type thing.

The orange juice is lovely, sweet and crisp.  It does have a bit of a bite to it but just because it is not full of sugar crap.

The apple juice 900ml bottle contains the juice from 8 apples, it is not concentrated or sweetened.  The apple juice also has a bite to it, and unlike so many apple juice it tastes of apples, that juicy fresh crisp taste, not the artificial sugar super sweet taste we have become used to.  It is also really smooth to drink.

All varieties in the 900ml bottles = 6 x 150ml servings = 6 daily portions of fruit.  A really easy, quick way to up your and your families daily intake.

The 900ml bottles were £1.99 where I purchased them, but I expect that price varies slightly with offers and from different stores.

They are available at

For those that worry about these things the bottles are made from 25% recycled plastic and can be recycled once you have finished the juice.

My favourite is the orange with bits, and I will be buying it again once I have finished this lot!

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