Most days Ben will have a long 2 hour sleep but only if swaddled. That is fine if we have no plans around 11am – 1pm (I haven’t enforced that time it just usually falls around then give or take 1/2 hour)

He will also nap for 1/2 hour or so about an hour after getting up. He will sleep whist out in the car and pram and I find if he doesn’t have a long sleep at some point during the day he will get a bit cross by bedtime even if he has had lots of short naps.

He has done a few long sleeps at night, Last night being the longest – 12 hours think it was the combination of having loads of milk during the day and no long sleep. So I have the toss up of either long nap and happier baby in the afternoon, or no long nap and 12 hours at night!!

I have nearly finished making his room organised, I took a notion and built the cot the other day so he will be going in there for naps soon, once I get the blackout blind up. But at the moment he tends to nap on me, in his chair, in the carrycot (although really too big for this now) all depends what I am doing and where he falls asleep.

It always makes me laugh when he falls asleep on his playmat playing then wakes up and carries on playing like nothing happened!


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