Potty Training Diary

We have been taking about using the potty for ages, months.  Been reading Pirate Pete Potty Training book for last few months too.  he has sat on his pink potty (he choose a pink one!) but never managed to get anything to come out.

He has never complained about being wet in nappies, but has recently in the last week told me when he has done a poo.

After reading Gina Ford and various other things I decided on today for a starting date, and just to try and go for it.

Basically I am going to get him up take off his nappy and tell him he is only going to have them for naps and night time and he will be using his potty/training seat.

I very much expect day 1 will be spent mopping puddles!

I have decided that if by the end of day 2 nothing has been done inside the potty or loo I will abandon for another few weeks.

We will not be leaving the house for those 2 days at least if not the full 4 days before Nursery on the following Monday

Day 1

8 a.m

So today is the day… Ben got his present box from the nappy fairy and inside was a McQueen toilet seat, he has been sitting on it for ten mins now on the loo determined to get a wee to come out in return for a sweetie.
I have said sure we can come try later but he seems happy to stay! Hmmmm

8.45 a.m

Well he eventually got off the toilet with no result, he wanted pants on and his pj trousers which wasn’t the plan but I knew he wouldn’t be up for being naked bottom half.  We have had brekkie and I have just asked him again to try the potty/loo and he said no thank you Mummy.  So expecting wee in pants soon..

9.15 a.m.

Well after a good start we have hit the wall of “No”

He is refusing to try the potty or toilet again, tried every bribe I can.

So guess I just wait for the wet pants and see how bothered he is?

10.30 a.m.

I pulled out the big guns of a new dinaco helicopter and said he could only have it if a wee went in potty/loo.  Mixed results, several tantrums at wanting it, we went upstairs to try on the loo and when I took his pants & trousers off they were soaking.  But he was oblivious to this.

So he stayed on loo upstairs for a while and then we came down stairs and eventually after lots of tears & snot he got onto the potty and he said “I did one” I looked and yes there was a dribble of wee in the potty!

So yep counted as a wee so helicopter, 2 sweets and a star sticker for his chart (lol I know OTT) were handed over.

Not really convinced we are going to have much luck unless he sits all the time on the potty and there is the motivation of a new car but sure we will see later.

12.15 p.m

Well 12 wees later, yes 12, some a spot some a good amount, each time we have to take potty upstairs to empty. At this rate Ben will have no teeth and I will lose a stone!

I’m amazed as I really guess it shows he has control and once he got over the 1st drama he is just hopping onto the potty and saying “I do a wee” and squeezing some out!

No idea where all the wee is coming from he hasn’t had a drink in 2 hours (been offered!)

7.30 p.m.

Well a count up of the day is as follows

40+ wees in the potty
2 full wee accidents this morning
3 damp patch pants this morning (don’t think they were wees more drips)

No poo

He did a wee before putting on night time nappy

He is now weeing on demand every time I ask him to sit on potty (every 15-20 mins this afternoon)

He has eaten all the sweets I had bought for the next few days as 1 wee = 1 sweet

The key to the whole thing starting was the Dinaco Helicopter though.

So I think it is a success so far!

See if tomorrow brings a poo ;o)

Day 2

10 a.m.

Well he didnt seem very enthusistic this morning, kept his night time nappy on until I grabbed a shower and got dressed at 8am,then took his nappy off then asked him to try, he did but no wee.  We had brekkie and then got dressed and asked him to try again but he said no.  He was playing half an hour later and said there is wee in my nappy, I said did you do a wee in your pants and he said yes, so I calmly said ok lets get them changed.  He then said I need to do a wee in the potty.  So stripped him (was only a tiny bit on his pants) and through feeding smarties into him got him to keep doing more and more wee instead of a bit and up empty potty.

No poo still, but erm TMI I would say the farts show that one needs to come out! Nice :o/

He is grand, I am hating the staying in, will be crawling the walls by tonight I think!

Well I was right about the poo, he did one in his pants, I asked and felt and yep.  And I just proved to myself why I am not cut out for cloth nappies.

Pants thrown away!

1.30 p.m

Well no more accidents, he totally refused to try the potty when i offered every 20 mins or so, before lunch time I tried every thing from asking him, bribing him, threatening (only with me having the helicopter back) I so know I shouldnt get into the battle of wills with him about it but it is hard not to, I did keep reminding myself he hasnt had an accident so maybe he doesnt need to go!

But eventually we went upstairs and he gave in and tried and did a big wee.

Asleep for nap time now with nappy pants on.  Think if I can get him to do a big wee this afternoon we might head out for a walk to asda across the road.

I am finding the staying in hard and the stress, even though I have to keep in mind he is not having loads of accidents, none today apart from the poo and I am ignoring that at the moment as I have a feeling it will be an issue.

No idea why I am finding this hard, it is ridiculous but think I have built it up to such a huge thing that NEEDS to be done before he is 3.

4 p.m.
Got up from nap and took his nappy off and asked him to use the potty, total refusal so I asked a couple of times and thought ok lets see what happens.

I left the room to get something and heard him crying, I came back to a little puddle and he was obviously upset, I asked did he want to go on the potty to do more and he said no.

We changed pants, and then got dressed and went to Asda.  No accidents whilst out and when we got home bribed him with chocolate and said he could only have if he tries on the potty.  Lots of tears again but he sat and did big wee.

All the books say don’t get into a battle, don’t put pressure but I think he is doing this a bit like his eating, a control thing so I think I will stick to asking him a couple of times every hour and then leave it, I need to see if he starts asking or not.
7.30 p.m
No more accidents today, so I think it is going well but nothing to compare it to.

Day 3
4 p.m.
Today we headed out at 10 a.m. to a friends house, 3 bags filed with change of clothes, the pink potty, the reward chart, stickers, smarties pots.  Hmm a nappy would be easier ;o)

But he did a big wee in the potty before we left, 3 whilst we were there in his potty (took bribe of playing with Thomas iPhone app though!)

7.30 p.m.
No poo at all, tried him on the potty for about 15 mins (Peppa Pig playing on iPhone) and chatted lightlty about trying but no poo.  He had a tiny damp pants thing early evening but told me and put him on the potty and he did proper wee there.

I am not sure when we get to the point of him asking me for a wee instead of me asking every hour to try.  But it is only day 3 I guess.


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