Cot to bed part 4

Well last night was a bit of a nightmare, he was in bed at 6.30pm asleep as he was so tired, I went to bed at 8p.m as I was so past it and knackered.

He woke at 10.30pm crying, I ignored and stick pillow over my head and it stopped, guessing under 5 mins.

I woke again at 2.30a.m. after hearing a thump then crying, so went in this time and sure enough he was on the floor crying, I lifted him back up and he just said “Ben fall out of big boy bed” but was fine and went back to sleep straight away.

We then had a 4.30am waking where I found myself in his room before I relalised what was happening, he was crying as he wanted his feckin cars and Mr PB and blankie were on the floor, I gave them all to him, told him to lie down and left.

Was all quiet until 6a.m. when he was up for the day.

So before nap time today I did the tip someone had said on here, I got a medium sized towel, rolled it up and put it on the edge under the sheet – it is PERFECT! it just stays there and means he cant pop out (or hopefully cars/toys either)

So if he cries tonight I AM NOT GOING IN

Well probably not…


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