Cot to bed part 3

So the 3rd day was my first go at him having a nap in the big boy bed, and it was just a dream!  We went up and he got in, asked for a story and I said no, we have those tonight (mean) and asked him to have a sleep and I would see him later – and he did for 2 hours

He has been waking every night since apart from 1, ususaly around 11pm and then 5am.  I decided last night I wasn’t going to go in as soon as I heard the crying.

So last night I was asleep and heard him crying at 11pm, I ignored for under 5 mins and then went in (soft touch) and he was hanging out of the bed head first up to his shoulders!  But was fine and I just turned him round and said night and he settled.

I was having a lovely sleep and was woken by screaming at 5.15a.m. and found myself in his room before I was awake.  He was up like it was morning so I told him to lie down and then I somehow lay on the floor next to him (desperation for sleep?) and I feel asleep as I assume did he.  I woke up not knowing what the time was a creeped out of his room, it was 7am and then he called me 10 mins later.

So not sure how to deal with this waking up business, I know I am knackered from getting up!

On a more positive note he has been gonig to bed so easily, I have been doing the lying in bed next to him reading a few books with him laying down and then we chat about the day and then I say goodnight.  He hasnt got out and protested at bedtime or nap time so that is great.

Just need to break this waking in the night habit and we will be sorted!


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